Sketchbook Monday #93

It’s Sketchbook Monday! On a Wednesday! Just like old times. Monday was Labor Day here in the United States so I wasn’t planning a Monday update. Also, the Internet was out for whatever reason.

SketchWe begin with an age progression. These are usually fun to do. Here’s a character as a toddler, around age three or so.

SketchHere they are again, further into childhood. Around age nine.

SketchNow he’s a teenager, age thirteen-ish. Because of the way I placed everything on the sketchbook page, I didn’t have room to do the full bodies of these last two.

SketchFinally, the character has reached young adulthood, around age seventeen or eighteen.

SketchBonus sketch: age 118.

SketchRandom stoic girl for a story idea in my head that I likely won’t ever bother to develop. It takes place in a future where full-body transplants have become a thing. This young girl is actually an FBI agent in disguise…

SketchLike I said before, I really like doing sketches in profile. The shape of the face in profile is just a lot of fun.

SketchI tend to sketch really rough, so there’s not usually enough room to really detail the eyes. Sometimes I’ll just draw an eye by itself to work on one.