Sketchbook Monday #94

I really need to get my scanner up and running. These things are a pain to edit and place with the uneven lighting that I’m getting just snapping pictures.

SketchFelt like getting my inking pens out, and this is the result. Still got it! Really need to do more sketchbook inkings, I think.

SketchAnother sketch of the above character.

SketchHere’s another inking I did this past week. First concept design for a new character…

SketchFull body concept for the character. I don’t think she’ll end up with this outfit, even though I really like it.

SketchColin, a character of mine from ages ago that I haven’t really ever done anything with. I think he’s showed up before in a few other Sketchbook Mondays.

SketchIt’s Tachi! You should know him!

SketchA chibi pointing. Just whatever.

SketchAn environment sketch. I don’t do these nearly as much as I should. This particular one is concept art for a level motif.