Monthly Archives: March 2008

Sketchbook Monday #24

sketchHere’s that boy from last week’s Sketchbook Monday.

sketchAnd here he is in pajamas, apparently.

sketchNo work of science fiction is complete without some sort of giant mushroom-tree growing out of a barren rock face on an alien planet.

sketchThis is another character from the work-in-progress mentioned last week.

Sketchbook Monday #21

I really do need to get these done early so that they’re ready to upload on time

sketchNothing amazing. This was a design for a science-fiction-style outpost on a remote planet. It was an okay idea, but the architecture leaves much to be desired. (And yes, the buildings are leaning. It is, afterall, just a sketch.)

Retirement Party

This afternoon I plan to give Super Smash Bros. Melee a much-deserved retirement of sorts. It’s not that it will never be played again, I just know it will never get the kind of playtime it once boasted come the morrow with the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Thus each character will get one last free-for-all, a “final KO” I suppose, before the disc is ceremonially removed.

Yes, I am too attached to my video game collection, why do you ask? XD

Sketchbook Monday #20

I couldn’t very well miss two weeks in a row, now could I? It’s awfully late, but nonetheless…

sketchIs that… Could it be? Yes, it is indeed Hayden from Swordmaster Odyssey as a young boy. Now I have to work this version of him into the story in some sort of flashback!