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The Return of Let’s Draw?

Last year I did a series of Let’s Draw videos. They were kind of like Let’s Play videos, except instead of playing somebody else’s game and talking over it, I drew somebody else’s character and talked over it. Inevitably the quality of the art would suffer from trying to both draw quickly (so that the video doesn’t go on forever), and think of something interesting to say while doing it (which is much harder than I thought it would be), but it made for an interesting end product.

Originally, I settled on doing just six videos, to see how it went, but in the last video I did say I’d do six more. Of course, I never actually got around to doing them. Doh!

I might just change that, though. They were kind of fun to do, and they did generate a fair amount of hits on YouTube (as of writing this, most of them have more hits than the second trailer for Another Star), so it would make sense to continue the series.

But I’m not sure I’ll try to do them on a weekly basis again. Maybe every other week? We’ll have to see.

Let’s Draw Sonic the Hedgehog!

Wherein I do a sketch of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s lovable blue blur. I also talk about my progress on Junction, as well as another game that I’ve begun work on recently.

Sorry about the audio quality on this one. I need to hook up my good mic and stop trying to make do with this cheap little thing I’ve been using.

Comments, suggests, (constructive) criticism, and requests are welcome!

Let’s Draw Medusa Gorgon!

Wherein I do a sketch of Medusa Gorgon, a character I know nothing about from Soul Eater. Maybe you can enlighten me.

This was a request done for a friend. Maybe if you leave a request in the comments a character you want to see will show up in a later week?

Let’s Draw Heavy Weapons Guy!

Wherein I do a sketch of Heavy Weapons Guy, everyone’s favorite Russian dude with a giant minigun from Valve’s Team Fortress 2. You can post your own drawings of the Heavy here in the comments!

If you’re interested in commissioning some artwork for yourself, here’s my prices and information on how to get started:

Heads up: there may be no Let’s Draw next week because I’ll be doing a second gameplay preview for Junction. I will continue with a new Let’s Draw the week after that, though, barring any unforeseen circumstances. allowfullscreen class=

Let’s Draw Mickey Mouse!

Wherein I do a sketch of Mickey Mouse, the iconic animation legend. In hindsight I should have stuck to original plan and just colored the rough sketch because watching me ink is boring and I didn’t have time to do it right. In the end it meant I had to hurry the coloring phase and didn’t even have time left to do any shading. I don’t even use the magic wand very often for coloring! I’ll try to do another colored sketch in the future so you can see how I actually color things.

As usual, your comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome. Post your own artwork here if you drew along with me!

Let’s Draw Naruto!

Wherein I do a sketch of Naruto, the yellow-haired ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. This is my second Let’s Draw and I’m still working out the kinks, so your comments, feedback, and suggestions are much appreciated. Video too long? Too short? Anything you’d like to see me do in the future? Leave a comment to let me know.

I’ve included more varied music this time around. Some of it is from old projects that never got off the ground, while others are from freelance work, and I’ve even included some music from Junction. I’m thinking about including tracks from other artists in the future, so if you’re interested in having your music played behind the video while I draw, let me know. If it ends up getting used, you’ll be credited and a link to your site/Bandcamp/SoundCloud will be included.

Go ahead and share your own Naruto artwork in the comments!