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Quoted For Truth

I stumbled across an article by Derek Yu of Aquaria and Spelunky fame, in which he shared a surprisingly insightful grain of enlightenment:

We’ve all had that feeling about at least one game, comic book, movie, etc., that comes out: “Gee, I could do better than this! This is overrated.” But it’s important to take a step back and realize that, hey, they put in the time to finish a project and I haven’t. That’s at least one thing they might be better than me at, and it’s probably why they have the recognition I don’t! If you treat finishing like a skill, rather than simply a step in the process, you can acknowledge not only that it’s something you can get better at, but also what habits and thought processes get in your way.

(Emphasis added.)

I must admit, looking at it from this perspective does kind of change the way I look at other people’s projects!


Here’s some more screenshots from the latest build of Junction!

Junction is an adventure game. The key to making progress is to investigate your surroundings, find out what you have to work with, then determine how to use the things at your disposal in order to move closer to completing the goals set for you.

The game has a rich story, steeped in an atmosphere of suspense.

You’ll need to interact with the other characters in the narrative in order to move forward. As you explore more of the game’s world, new conversation topics will appear.