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Sketchbook Monday #60

Missed last week because… I forget. Probably just because I’m lazy. Almost missed this week as well thanks to a hard drive scare. Still not sure I’m out of the danger zone on that, mind you, so it seems I’ll be backing major files up on a weekly basis until all is proven clear. Or a new hard drive is purchased. Or the old hard drive chashes and I fling it out a window at mach 4. Whichever comes first.

sketchTough guy in a suit, I say.

sketchThe doctor says that you’re not sick and you have to go to school/work today after all. Nice try, though.

sketchYeah, this kid is sort of in a bind. Not only was he abducted by aliens, but when they put him back they kept all his internal organs. He doesn’t care how he’s still alive without a heart or a brain, he just wants them back! Stupid aliens, always going around and taking other people’s body parts.

sketchAn alien. But not of any relation to the aliens mentioned just above. I still wouldn’t trust it, though.

sketchHere’s another freckle face kid. Seems I’ve drawn a few of them lately.

sketch“Where’s my story? Why isn’t it done yet?” I’m—I’m working on it as fast as I can, Iccari! I really am! 🙁

sketchAnd, just to close things out, here’s a bunch of chibis. CHIBIS! Aren’t they cute? …No? Well who asked you anyway? From left to right: Jessie, Kevin, Hayden, Iccari, Silver.

Sketchbook Monday #59

Hmm. It tastes like Monday in my mouth.

sketchFor some reason, I’ve been longing to do something based on the American Revolution–but in outer space! Because, of course, turning things into space operas automatically makes them cool… or… something like that. Here’s Lieutenant Colonel George Washington during what would be the prelude to the main piece, the French and Indian War.

sketchAnd here’s Major General Washington some twenty years later as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. He doesn’t look especially outer-spacey, though, does he?