Monthly Archives: February 2010

Sketchbook Monday #81

sketchIt’s the kid from My Brother. No, I haven’t forgotten about it. I’ll work on it some more sometime soon, I hope.

sketchThe little brother from My Brother. He looks a little too old here, methinks.

sketchYou’ll have to excuse the quality on these next two scans. They’re just little doodles that I did on notebook paper while jotting down a few ideas. I’d like to do a simple adventure game, you see, and these were a couple of the random character ideas that I had at the time.

sketchThe idea here is that the character is looking at their reflection in the car window as they ride. This is the reflection they’re seeing and the character is, well, you the player looking at it.

Alas, Poor Update, I Knew You Well

My rich younger brother bought a new Intuos for reasons I do not comprehend and gave me his old one. This is nice and all, but having used my tiny 6×4 Graphire. Problem is, thanks to the size change, my work flow has been completely thrown off. It’s hard to explain, but basically I can’t judge the distance between objects on screen anymore. I’ll be looking at something, but I can’t tell how far or at what angle I need to move the pen in order to undertake what I’m trying to do.

Finally, I gave up for the time being and thought “Well, maybe I can plug my Graphire back in so I can finish off today’s page?” I tried this, and all I managed to do was crash my computer. :/

Guess I’ll just have to keep practicing with the Intuos so I can get the page up next week.

Sketchbook Monday #80

I actually scanned all this on Monday, but I was “lucky” enough to catch a wonderful cold from my brother and have spent the past few days putting up with headaches and manufacturing snot.

sketchConcept art of Naomi from Under a Different Moon.

sketchMore concept art of Naomi.

sketchConcept of Ulf from Under a Different Moon.

sketchYou can tell this person is serious because their hair is blowing in the wind. It’s a proven, scientific fact that wind blows through your hair when you are serious and also awesome.

sketchThis is a future character from Swordmaster Odyssey that will–should the story continue in its current direction–be introduced not too long from now.