Monthly Archives: December 2007

Sketchbook Monday #12

You may notice a few changes here and there to the look of the blog. Not sure how much of it will stay, but I think it helps a little bit to tell entries apart, espeically those that are posted on the same day. Before, there was nothing visually that helped seperate entries like that.

It looks like this will be my last entry for this year. Wow, where did all the time go? I wasn’t finished with it yet!

I was unusually diligent in sketching things out this week and have picked out the best of the best to showcase for you.

sketchI saw this hairstyle in an old sketch of mine and it looked like it was fun to draw. So I drew it again! He makes a cute little boy, doesn’t he? Of course, that bow on his shirt makes him look an awful lot like a girl. That wasn’t my intention, mind you…

sketchI felt like drawing something different, so I sketched this guy out. I love the post and angle on it. I also like the face that he has beady little eyes and a hook-like nose but still manages to look strong and heroic. It makes him interesting… At least to me. I’ll have to find someplace to use him.

sketchMore cuteness! It’s a cuddly-wuddly wittle chibi version of Kirimaru!

General of the Grass – Phezi

Phezi of the GrassThird of the six generals, he turned out very differently from how I first invisioned him. For the record, his rifle is roughly modeled after a Springfield M1903 (although it looks a bit more like an M1 Garand methinks). I meant for it to have a more “fantasy” feel about it, but in the end it just ended up looking more modern thanks to the fact I could only use shades of green.

I’ll get Sketchbook Monday up later today. This will be our last one for the year! 😀

How Does He See?

Just drawing in Thanatos’s eyebrows without any visible eyes looked much better in the original sketches I did of him than it does in ink. Wish I hadn’t have done that now… Also makes it hard to get interesting poses of him. He’s not a particuarly fun character to draw. 🙁

Sketchbook Monday #10

And just like that, we’ve hit the double digits! This was, of course, supposed to happen last week, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

SketchA generic elite trooper. He’s very generic. That’s why you don’t see his face. That way, when there are five of them on screen at once, it’s not as noticable that they all look exactly the same!

SketchThis is the princess from the previous Sketchbook Monday, only this time dressed as a princess and probably not on the run.

Just One More Day

Though today is indeed Monday, Sketchook Monday will have to wait until tomorrow. I am currently in the middle of animating a scene, and the scanner is thus tied up doing pencil tests. I can’t alter the settings mid-test to scan something else because then the later frames will be off. 🙁

Maybe I’ll show the finished test here as well? Or maybe not…