Sketchbook Monday #12

You may notice a few changes here and there to the look of the blog. Not sure how much of it will stay, but I think it helps a little bit to tell entries apart, espeically those that are posted on the same day. Before, there was nothing visually that helped seperate entries like that.

It looks like this will be my last entry for this year. Wow, where did all the time go? I wasn’t finished with it yet!

I was unusually diligent in sketching things out this week and have picked out the best of the best to showcase for you.

sketchI saw this hairstyle in an old sketch of mine and it looked like it was fun to draw. So I drew it again! He makes a cute little boy, doesn’t he? Of course, that bow on his shirt makes him look an awful lot like a girl. That wasn’t my intention, mind you…

sketchI felt like drawing something different, so I sketched this guy out. I love the post and angle on it. I also like the face that he has beady little eyes and a hook-like nose but still manages to look strong and heroic. It makes him interesting… At least to me. I’ll have to find someplace to use him.

sketchMore cuteness! It’s a cuddly-wuddly wittle chibi version of Kirimaru!