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An Apology

I’m so sorry! I keep promising things that I am unable to deliver on. I said I would have some Adventurer’s Guide entries up by now, but so far I haven’t even gotten around to drafting them. I’m such a horrible person! 🙁

For the past week or two I’ve been storming through the second draft of Under a Different Moon, that is, Iccari’s story. You may remember Iccari from some of the many Sketchbook Monday entries in which he has appeared. It is rare for me to keep up such an extended session of creativity and, as I near the end of the second draft, I fear it will go out again before I finish. Please understand my predicament. I still plan on getting a page up this week, but if it doesn’t happen, at least it won’t be due to my own laziness for a change.

Thank you for your understanding (or your lack thereof as the case may be). I really am sorry.

In the meantime, how about taking a minute to vote in the annual character poll? 🙂

When they say “life is unfair”, it should be followed by a rimshot.

Today is shaping up to be a horrible day, topping off an equally horrible week. Alas, I haven’t even finished today’s page! Far from it, in fact, as it sits in the corner sketched and still waiting to be inked. However, you must forgive me, for I have more important things to attend to at the moment. The toilet has just backed up, you see, and that is only the latest in a series of downers. 🙁

Sketchbook Monday #74

sketchMore concept art for the same game idea shown last week. This is the feral class, perhaps the most tank-worthy of the classes. They can equip a great range of armor and are right at home on your party’s front lines.

sketchSome more sprite concepts along the same lines as the ones featured last week. These ones are of the nomad. The left two are map sprites, while the rightmost one is a battle sprite.

Sketchbook Monday #73

sketchConcept art for a game idea that may or may not replace AetherFall. This is a character class you can have in your party, the Illusionist. He toys with the threads of time and space to confuse and attack the enemy. He’s also a decent melee fighter.

sketchHey, it looks like an NES sprite! Oh, the nostalgia! Or something like that. I’ve actually considered doing the in-game art like this; in high resolution but with simple shapes and a limited palette of bold colors.

sketchHere’s an alternate look with much more detail. No nostalgia factor, of course, but it would be much better animated.

sketchAnother character class, the ranger. These guys can attack from the back or front row, but also double as a support class to heal your other characters.