Monthly Archives: April 2007

Link Banners

For the zero of you actually interested, I’ve got two link banners for Swordmaster Odyssey. You get your choice of Jessie or Kevin. Or, you can have them together (althought they’re REALLY small and kind of hard to see).

If you want to link to the site and would like another size banner to fit with your layout, feel free to ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Hooray for Video Games!

So, I’ve been playing quite a bit of Advance Wars DS lately. Heh, talk about a game that I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of. Picked it up for $19.95 about a year ago and so far I’ve racked up about 120 hours of playtime on the thing and I still pick it up reguarly. What can I say? I must be a sucker for anime kids leading modern armies. Awesome strategy game for killing a half hour with. Wish Nintendo would get around to announcing the next game in the series…

They Have Lips!

The further I get into Swordmaster Odyssey, the more and more that I wish I’d just stuck with my normal style instead of seeing if I could make details that most art styles only hint at look natural. While the characters do look better than when I started out, they’re a little difficult to work with. Expressing certain reactions and feelings is hard to do because of the ways their mouths are drawn. 🙁

Well, That Took Longer Than it Should

An appology to all the Swordmaster Odyssey readers out there who use Internet Explorer. Though it worked just fine, the navigation bar displayed oddly in IE. Now, thanks to some cleaner CSS and HTML, it will display correctly in all major browsers (including, but not limited to, IE, Firefox, and Opera).

Enter Stage Right

One thing I’ve been eagerly awaiting in chapter 2 of Swordmaster Odyssey is the introduction of the second main character. Of course, introducing them means I need to pin down their personality, look, and motives. I hate doing that, it means I can’t change my mind anymore! Heh…

Sorry About That…

The entire Vision Riders site was down for most of today while we moved everything to the company’s hosting account. Not only did everything decide to not work all at the same time, but to make matters worse I forgot to backup the web-ready Swordmaster Odyssey images (among other things).

All I can say is: Go! Go! Photoshop batch commands! :3

All the old blog entries are missing, but I did back those up. 😉 Even if I do have to reinsert them manually. -_-