Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sketchbook Monday #82

I just realized I haven’t done this in awhile! (Well, actually that’s a lie.) Anyway, today I’ll show off some concept sketches of an adventure game I’ve been working on lately.

sketchThis tower is where the game takes place. It has a strange and unusual history behind it—the perfect place for an adventure game. Your ultimate goal is to reach the top of the tower. But why? And why are so many people here to explore this abandoned place? I can’t say yet. It’s too early to give away the plot.

sketchThis is your son. He’ll be accompanying you on your adventure. Why are you taking your son with you to such an obviously dangerous place? Because it’s a video game. You’ll have to wait and find out.

sketchThis is an adventurer who sees the tower as yet another place to explore and discover. He doesn’t look like it in this sketch, but he’s actually pretty friendly and outgoing.

sketchThis girl followed her friend to the tower. Her friend doesn’t really like her that much, but he seems to put up with her for the time being. (Her friend isn’t pictured here, but the sketch of your son above was originally meant to be her friend.)

sketchThis is a woman who has come to the tower for personal reasons. And by personal reasons, I mean I haven’t decided why she’s there exactly, I just know that she’s important to the game’s progression. Her character has actually changed a great deal since I doodled this sketch, so expect her to look completely different the next time you see her.

sketchThis is a gruff-looking wanderer who likes to keep to himself. Being an adventure game where you spend most of your time exploring and poking around and using random items in your inventory on each other in a vain attempt to progress all the other characters see you as a perceptive individual and, for some reason, the wanderer likes that about you.

sketchAn early design for a character in the game I don’t want to give away yet. I didn’t like this design, so he won’t look like this in the final game.