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Sketchbook Monday #40

sketchShe’s really rocking away on that guitar!

sketchKid wearing a knit ski cap. My attempt at being trendy? Don’t know, but I’d like to use this basic design somewhere, methinks.

sketchA redesign of a character from a webcomic idea. Had things turned out just a little differently, you would have ended up with this kid instead of Jessie and Swordmaster Odyssey. (Well, actually, he wasn’t the main character, so I guess it would be more correct to say “instead of Kevin and Swordmaster Odyssey.”)

Digital Download Packs

We are proud to introduce our new digital download packs! Released each month, every download pack contains a desktop wallpaper (in both 16:10 widescreen and 4:3 formats) along with other extras. The extras range from additional images to exclussive commentary to music files, and each pack retails at an even $1.

Although these replace the old Swordmaster Odyssey download packs, don’t worry. You’ll be able to buy the high-resolution versions of the webcomic along with commentary again in the near future.

Sales from these download packs help support our hosting costs and allow us to continue creating new and entertaining content for our site! Hosting the site and creating Swordmaster Odyssey and our other upcoming projects is not cheap, so please consider supporting us by buying a download pack to enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration! 🙂

Sketchbook Monday #37

Wow, I haven’t really sketched these characters since #14

sketch‘Tis the princess. If you may recall, she has been forced to disguise herself as a commoner in order to escape across the border after a particuarlly nasty revolution overthrows the government that her once father ruled.

sketchI think this is a cute pose for some reason.

sketchConcept sketch for the princess’s commoner outfit.

sketchConcept sketch for the thief kid’s outfit. His feet are a little big here, methinks.


I once took great pride in the fact that, although the animation is taking forever~ I’d never missed a Swordmaster Odyssey update. Sigh…

The simple upgrade that I mentioned a couple posts or so back should have taken only an afternoon or so. Yet, in the end, it wasted a week of my life, cost me over $200 more than it should have, and took the life of an innocent hard drive. Bah…

I backed up the important stuff (namely all the stuff for the company), but at the very moment that I realized the little diodes on the bottom of the drive had snapped off, images flashed through my mind of all the stuff I had somehow managed to forget! Unless I want to pay for a hard drive recovery–or go through the trouble of hunting down the exact same make/model/date hard drive and swap out the chip boards–it’s likely gone forever, along with a bunch of other stuff that got lost in the transition. Alas! What a fate to befall me!

What’s worse is that with all that time I spent getting stuff together, there was no way for me to do last week’s page, let alone upload it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull together this week’s. I make no promises. (The irony here is that I said that last week’s update would be up without a doubt, while I didn’t see myself doing a Sketchbook Monday. Guess which one made it and which one didn’t!) 😉

Sorry for not letting everyone know sooner–it’s been a stressful couple of weeks.