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News and announcements directly related to Vision Riders the corporate entity.

If You Own Another Star Through Desura…

Sadly, there won’t be a witty sketch for today’s blog entry because my desktop computer messed up the other day and refuses to boot and, more importantly, I wanted to get this up as soon as possible.

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Desura’s parent company Bad Juju Games has filed for bankruptcy. For those wondering, Vision Riders Entertainment has yet to be payed the hundreds of dollars that are still owed for Another Stars. It now looks like I will never see that money. How long the Desura site even stays up is yet to be seen.

If you own Another Star through Desura, you need to know that I will not charge you to buy the game again. Please send an email to so that I can sort things out for you. If possible, include your Desura account name and/or the original receipt. It doesn’t matter that I’m not getting the money, you paid for the game and I respect that. I am taking this bullet for you.

I will do my best to get a Humble key to you, which will not only net you a DRM-free copy of the game, but will also give you access to the Steam key once it’s available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

An Update on the Desura Situation

Last week, I wrote about my frustrations trying to get my money from Desura. If you’re not familiar with the recent Desura controversy, that’s a good place to start getting up-to-speed. Short story version: since at least November a number of developers, including Vision Riders Entertainment, have not been getting their payments from Desura, and were getting the runaround when trying to contact them about it. As of posting this, I have still not been paid.

Yesterday, Desura posted an update concerning the matter detailing their side of the story and giving a list of changes that they’re planning to make going forward. You should go ahead and read that now, since I’d like to address a bit of what they said.

The Desura mascot sitting in the time-out corner.

“Now sit there and think about what you’ve done.”

I don’t know how big Bad Juju is, so I hate to come across as “picking on” what may very well be just a small handful of people, but there’s a lot that I feel really needs to be said about this whole thing. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away; sometimes sunlight really is the best disinfectant. I’m glad that they’re publicly talking about what’s going on, but it’s still only a first step.

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Desura is in Hot Water

Yesterday the news started to come out that Desura has not been paying some of the developers on their storefront. This is kind of a big deal. I’d wager that most of the devs on Desura—myself included—aren’t making enough on their games alone to pay the bills or put food on the table. But money is still money, and developers deserve to get paid for the work they’ve put into the games they’ve made.

A stylized dollar bill.

The almighty dollar.

One of the developers that Desura happens to owe money to is Vision Riders. Another Star crossed Desura’s $500 payout threshold during the Indie Royale Debut 100 Bundle. (For those not aware, Indie Royale and Desura, while not technically the same operation, are interconnected.) The money should have gone into the company’s account sometime around December or January, but this didn’t happen. It always gave the same “payment pending” status on my Desura developer’s account page.

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Vision Riders, Reborn

On February 14th of 2007, Vision Riders Entertainment, Inc. came into being. That legal entity has since dissolved, but as of today the company has been brought back to life, based in a new state, this time as Vision Riders Entertainment, LLC. This is the name under which Another Star will be distributed.

A bit of hassle and paperwork is involved in this, as you might guess, and there’s no shortage of it to come! Hopefully this won’t have been for naught again…

Hope you’re really looking forward to the game. There’s only six more days until its release, can you believe it?

No, I’m Not Dead

I’m currently in the middle of restructuring the legal entity that is Vision Riders Entertainment. Not sure what I’ll be doing with what’s left of it in the near future, but I don’t plan to shut down entirely. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few pages of Swordmaster Odyssey or something up in a few months.

The Blog Smells Funny

Q: Is Swordmaster Odyssey dead?

Heavens no! It will probably be a few more weeks before I get back to it, though. Right now my focus is on getting the initial in-game art for AetherFall together, which is no small feat. Once I get a hold on the style I want, and get into the groove of producing it, things should lighten up quite a bit on that end.

Q: Is Sketchbook Monday dead?

No, I just keep putting it off. 🙁

Q: Is My Brother dead?

No, my brother is still alive and well unfortunately, and so is My Brother. However, there likely won’t be any work on it until next year. The project has not been canceled, just delayed in favor of AetherFall.

Q: Is Procyon dead.

Yes. As explained before, the project was axed due to major story problems, made even worse by a horde of technical problems. 🙁

What’s Up With Vision Riders?

Sorry it took me so long to get around to this post, things have been a bit harsh lately.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve already noticed that Vision Riders as a whole–including Swordmaster Odyssey–has been on hiatus lately. Here’s the deal: for the past two years Vision Riders has been my full-time job. Before that, I’d worked freelance jobs here and there when I could land them, but I wanted to see if I could make a living working on my own stuff. For now, the unfortunate answers seems to be “no”. Money that I thought I would be able to put towards Vision Riders ending up having to go elsewhere, as life has an annoying tendancy to be unpredictable, which only compounded the problems I’ve had trying to get animation going–which was the whole reason Vision Riders was started in the first place!

At the moment Vision Riders as a company, a web site, and a creative entity, teeters on the edge of non-existance. However, while I may no longer be able to devote my full time to it, I want Vision Riders to continue because I enjoy it, even if I can only pursue it part-time or as a hobby. We’ll have to see how that goes. For now, Swordmaster Odyssey is set to return next week, but everything involving animation has basically been put on indefinite hold. I’ll see if I can’t get Vision Riders in the air again and will be actively looking into alternate business models, namely ones that don’t focus on animation. At least, not in the short term.