Monthly Archives: December 2008

Monitor Woes

I ended up having to replace my 19″ CRT display (the screen was turning yellow) with an old 17″ one that I had lying around. Losing two inches may not seem like much, but… My goodness, everything is so small now! I’d take my resolution down, but Photoshop is hard to operate (for me, at least) at anything under 1280×960.

However, more importantly, this aged moniter has an awkward distortion issue. If I have a bunch of squares on the screen that are all the same size, the ones in the middle will be thinner than those on the sides. I can even drag things around the screen and watch them “magically” resize themselves!

…Yeah, this is going to be a problem. XD

I have a two moniter setup, so I may just switch them around and use this one as my secondary moniter, and the other one to do the bulk of my work in. Granted, it’s not like the other one is in that great shape, either. :/

Sketchbook Monday #51

sketchIt’s a rough sketch of the kid from My Brother. I was testing the pose for a piece of animation here. (The now-animated clip might just appear on the site tomorrow.)

sketchRandom Boy #8762…

sketch…And #8763

sketchA bunch of Swordmaster Odyssey characters. From left to right: Hayden, Will, Silver, Thanatos. But you already knew that, right? They weren’t actually drawn together like this, but I resized and moved them each around in Photoshop so that they would be.

Second Annual Character Poll Results

It’s a bit discouraging to me, but here’s the results for this year:

Dale Johnson (!?!?) – 1 vote
Pyr – 1 vote
Erith – 2 votes
Kevin – 2 votes
Hayden – 3 votes
Silver – 3 votes
Jessie – 3 votes

So there you have it, a three way tie for first place. There were only thirteen votes this year, which is nearly half what there was last year. C’mon, people, if you want multiple pages per week again, you’re going to have to show some more enthusiasm. 😉

“My Brother” First Screen Grab!

Screen grab from "My Brother"
Here’s the very first screen grab from the very first piece of completed animation in “My Brother“. It’s hardly the best animation in the world, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered. Note that although the animation itself is complete, the color isn’t. The background may get some tweaks, and the kid’s colors will likely change considerably.

Stay turned—You’ll get to watch this shot in motion soon!

Sketchbook Monday #50

Can you believe it!? Fifty!

sketchConcept art for the city station in My Brother. I know it doesn’t seem like much… but that’s because it isn’t! What a lousy way to celebrate #50, eh? Well, it doesn’t really matter, since I’m about to post a screen grab of some completed animation… :3

Hopefully This Doesn’t Become a Habit…

This week’s Swordmaster Odyssey update will be late on the account that I animated only half of a scene of My Brother yesterday and scanned it, forgetting that I can’t scan anything else until I’ve scanned the whole scene (or else the animation frames won’t line up right). Stupid me! I’m trying to finish clean up animation on these last frames so I can scan them and then finish up today’s page.

Merry Christmas 2008!

Kid from 'My Brother', Iccari, and Jessie in Christmas attireMerry Christmas, everyone!

This is the wallpaper that will be included in December’s download pack here soon. Their eyes are bigger than they really should be (if I’d caught it when I should have, I could have fixed it), but otherwise it came out surprisingly well. The characters pictured are (from left to right) the kid from My Brother, Jessie from Swordmaster Odyssey, and Iccari from… well, he’s not really from anything yet.

Line art was done with a #2 pencil (I should have gotten my pens out so I’d get more line variation), and everything else was done in Photoshop CS.

This wallpaper’s download pack should be up by Friday.