Monitor Woes

I ended up having to replace my 19″ CRT display (the screen was turning yellow) with an old 17″ one that I had lying around. Losing two inches may not seem like much, but… My goodness, everything is so small now! I’d take my resolution down, but Photoshop is hard to operate (for me, at least) at anything under 1280×960.

However, more importantly, this aged moniter has an awkward distortion issue. If I have a bunch of squares on the screen that are all the same size, the ones in the middle will be thinner than those on the sides. I can even drag things around the screen and watch them “magically” resize themselves!

…Yeah, this is going to be a problem. XD

I have a two moniter setup, so I may just switch them around and use this one as my secondary moniter, and the other one to do the bulk of my work in. Granted, it’s not like the other one is in that great shape, either. :/