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Sketchbook Monday #4

What time is it? Tool Time! Sketchbook Monday time!

SketchOh look! More fan art! Just a few Smash Bros. featured characters I happened to doodle. From left-to-right: Roy (Fire Emblem), Mario and Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.), and Kirby (Kirby).

SketchAh, this poor guy looks really sad and depressed. I wonder what he’s upset about? 🙁

Sketchbook Monday #3

Welcome to Sketchbook Monday, the part of the show where Larry comes out and…

Ahem… Anyway, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Sketchbook ImageHere we have a hunter-type character I sketched out. His outfit is rather bland, though.

Sketchbook ImageNot much to say on this one. Just a generic woman I drew to test a character design.

Sketchbook ImageThis is my “Link clone” with a big, long pony tail (purely because it’s fun to draw). I tried to be artistic with the arrangement and failed. 🙁 I want to use him in a game design, but lack the resources to produce it. The basic idea is that the world sprawls out and can be explored like a platformer, but unlike normal platform-jumping if you miss a jump you can use your claw-tether (the thing on his hand) to grab onto the nearest platform and pull yourself back up. I’ll either have to wait on the idea, or scale back my vision to something more managable (ie, 2D game).

Character Poll Results

We ended up doing this kind of funny, so we didn’t get quite as many votes as expected. Maybe we’ll do another poll several months from now. Thank you to everyone who participated!


#5 – The Slime Monster from Chapter 4 – 1 vote (write-in)
#4 – Silver – 3 votes
#3 – Hayden – 4 votes
#2 – Kevin – 5 votes
#1 – Jessie – 7 votes

(20 votes total.)

Come on, now, I can see how many people visit each day. You guys can do better than that. 😉

Sketchbook Monday #2

It’s Sketchbook Monday again! Let’s see what’s been brewing in my sketchbook this past week…

SketchThese two might just show up somewhere soon! :3

SketchHere I am drawing eyes. I’m such a perfectionist, I can never get them to look just how I want them. Perhaps, in part, because I haven’t discovered the way I want them most yet?

SketchI… I’m not sure myself. It’s a kid with big eyes and a little mouth… I tried something different, what can I say?

Possible Late Update

I’ve been working all day to get the chapter 2 download up in the Vision Riders Store, as well as get said store to actually function properly. PayPal doesn’t want to play nice. Still not not working completely, but if you want to go ahead and purchase it, you’re free to do so, just keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for me to manually send the password to get your download. 🙁

In any case, this means I haven’t cleaned this week’s pages yet, so tomorrow’s Swordmaster Odyssey update will be late. I *will* get it up tomorrow, though.

Sketchbook Monday #1

I’m going to try a new thing around here called “Sketchbook Mondays”. Basically, it boils down to me going through my sketchbook, picking out the most interesting things that I drew over the past week, and then posting it here for you to see. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Sketchbook ImageHey, look here! It’s Cody! And he’s on model for once! :3

Sketchbook ImageHere are some concept sketches of Cody after he begins his training as a “hunter”. What does that mean? Well, if I decide how to tell their story, maybe you’ll find out one day. 😉 The outfit on the right is Cody’s hunter uniform. The outfit on the left is what he wears while training.

Sketchbook ImageTwo concept characters for a story I’ve pretty much abandoned at this point. The Rebel Commander was the primary villain of the story, and the Loyalist Commander was mostly a side character (the story would have taken place within Rebel-controlled territory.

Sketchbook ImageLook, it’s fanart! Why, hello there Ness! Hope you don’t get replaced entirelly by Lucas in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 🙁

Sketchbook ImageThis father-daughter duo is a concept sketch for a puzzle game I’ve been thinking about doing. We’ll see if that project goes anywhere.

Mai and Cody

A quickly colored sketch of Mai and Cody
Another quick Photoshop sketch today. Cody is telling his sister, Mai, a story of some sort. Not completely happy with the faces, but when am I ever happy? 😉 These two siblings are from a story of mine that I’ve become very attached to over the years. I want to tell the story, but I’m such a perfectionist that I get frustrated and often decide that I should do something else instead and come back to it when my skills have improved. But then I miss working on it and come back, and then I put it aside again, and so on, and so forth, in a never-ending loop. 🙁

Told You I’d Do More Art

A sketch of three young characters
Just a quick sketch done in Photoshop. Only took me about an hour and a half, I think. These three are a group of characters that I’ve wanted to animate for a long time now, but I’ve never been able to find just the right story for them. So they’ve bounced around a little between a few different designs and scripts, but thus far nothing’s really come of it. Hopefully that changes soon.

The moody boy on the left is named Logan, the boy in the center is Austin, and the girl on the right is Kyra. Of course, that could all change… 🙂