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Social Media? On *My* Website?

A couple of announcements today.

First off, after continued prodding from friends, Vision Riders now has a Facebook page. You can visit it at if you’re interested. Give it a “like” while you’re at it, if you don’t mind.

Second, as you may have noticed from the new navigation options at the top, Vision Riders also has message forums now. I was always reluctant to create these, but it would be nice to have a central place for game help and such, even if they are going to be fairly empty most of the time. Feel free to register an account and say hello.

This makes two more things that I have to keep an eye on, but hopefully they’ll help spread awareness of the game. Building a community is often the hardest part of making a game.

Maintenance Complete

The site move is (mostly) complete at this point, so everything should be up and running okay. Let me know if anything doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Note that the site’s email addresses might not be working entirely properly for a few weeks. They should, but if your support email bounces or something, it’s definitely because of the move. If you need to get in contact with me and can’t get through, leave a message here and I’ll give you an alternate email address to use for the time being.

Site Maintenance Notice

Sorry for not posting for awhile. I’ll get some articles up soon, I promise.

However, I just want to let everyone know that later this week I’ll be moving servers for the site, so it will likely be down for quite awhile. If you try to access the Vision Riders site during that time period and can’t get through, don’t panic; I haven’t closed up shop, I’m just working on the site.

The New Site is Live!

The new Vision Riders site is live! It’s much more vibrant and lively than the old, sterile one. You should check it out! Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

I’ll probably spend the rest of the day skinning the blog so that it matches the new site design. (Expect the blog layout to break intermittently during the day while I tinker with it.) Wish me luck!

Site Redesign On the Way

The main Vision Riders site has bothered me for some time. It’s overly corporate and sterile, lacking the personal connection that often makes indies so unique. This coming week, however, I plan to work on getting a new site design up, along with a fresh, new version of the Vision Riders Entertainment logo. I want to have everything really nice and polished when Another Star comes out.

Why next week? Well, I’m hoping to finish off the main storyline of the game by this weekend and have it ready for playtesters! It won’t be complete, but it will be playable from beginning to end. I’m almost to working on the final boss now. Working on the site will give me a nice break from working on the game while I wait for input from other people and decide what to change and tweak as I begin really pushing to finish the game for release.

Welcome to the New Blog!

As you can see, I’ve replaced the old blog with a shiny new one!

The old blog software was causing a lot of problems, and on top of that it wasn’t letting actual users comment while three or four spam bot posts got through a day. Hopefully this new blog works much better as we count down to the release of Another Star. I want to make sure everything looks perfect by then!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be manually adding the posts from the old blog to this new one. There are a handful of tools online I’ve come across to do this, but I’m not sure they’re any good, and I want to be sure that the links and formatting are correct since the new software handles these differently. In the meantime, you can visit an archive of the old blog at

Now to start skinning this blog so it doesn’t look so generic!

Reblogging the Blog

Serendipity has been a thorn in my side for a long time now. It’s easy to use and set up, and I like it for the most part, but (among other issues) it lets spam bots through while actual people are unable to leave comments on my entries. I’ll probably be transferring the blog to new software soon, so if the blog goes down later this week or next week don’t panic. It’ll be back up soon.

If You’re Having Trouble Posting…

I’ve been informed that the blog comments are acting up again and that people are having trouble getting through the CAPTCHA system. Email me if you’re having trouble. I had this problem with the blog before, but I was sure it was fixed in the latest update. I’m going to try to get things back up and running as soon as possible if there is indeed still a problem.

By the way, the “leaked” version of Another Star will be coming down sometime on Monday, so grab it before then, okay!