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Posts about Vision Riders’ web sites.

This is News

Updated the company website for the first time in a bajillion years. Of note is that I killed off all links to the old news page (which was never really used anyway) and the site map (which was a pain to keep current). From now on the blog will function as the main news page, since that just works better anyway.

All references to “Vision Riders Entertainment, Inc.” that I could find have been removed, except in the terms of use and privacy policy pages which I’ll update some other time maybe. Right now the future of the company is a little uncertain, you see. And by “little” I mean “Ha, ha, wasn’t this business a waste of my time.”

Well, That Took Longer Than it Should

An appology to all the Swordmaster Odyssey readers out there who use Internet Explorer. Though it worked just fine, the navigation bar displayed oddly in IE. Now, thanks to some cleaner CSS and HTML, it will display correctly in all major browsers (including, but not limited to, IE, Firefox, and Opera).

Sorry About That…

The entire Vision Riders site was down for most of today while we moved everything to the company’s hosting account. Not only did everything decide to not work all at the same time, but to make matters worse I forgot to backup the web-ready Swordmaster Odyssey images (among other things).

All I can say is: Go! Go! Photoshop batch commands! :3

All the old blog entries are missing, but I did back those up. 😉 Even if I do have to reinsert them manually. -_-

Whee! First Post!

Hey, this is Dale Johnson and welcome to the new Vision Riders Blog! Here, I’ll give commentary on various content we provide, show sneak-peaks and previews of upcoming projects and updates, and maybe even talk about my thoughts on various things going on in animation and entertainment these days.

(On a totally unrelated side note, the date that the database says I’m posting this is incorrect; it’s really March 4th. I needed a test post to perfect the layout, and here it is.)

In any case, unlike Swordmaster Odyssey, there is no set day that we’ll be updating the blog. Whenever I feel there’s something to say, something will pop up here. Feel free to check in every day or so to see what might appear. Enjoy!