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Swordmaster Odyssey Chapter 1: Complete

Vision Riders Entertaiment, Inc. is proud to announce “Swordmaster Odyssey Chapter 1: Complete”, the first of several coming releases related to the Vision Riders webcomic. The downloadable title, which will be availible through the Vision Riders Online Store, will include every page from Chapter 1 of Swordmaster Odyssey in high resolution. The content pack will include additional extras along with an updated version of the Chapter 1 Title Page, bringing it more in line with the style of later chapters in the series.

The download pack is expected to be released later this month, followed by Chapter 2: Complete in August and Chapter 3: Complete in September. More details, including price and a list of extra content, will be released in the coming weeks.

The Sinking of the Legendia

So I’m playing Tales of Legendia, going through the character menu setting everything up for the next leg of the journey when suddenly the game exits out of the menu and Jay starts running around wildly, opening and closing the menu like a madman. “Well, that’s got to be the strangest bug I’ve seen in a long time…” Only, how would a kink in the code cause all that? I continued on as usual only to notice that the battle controls seemed a little sluggish all of a sudden and Jay had this odd desire to jump every now and then even when I wasn’t tapping up on the control pad. This was followed by another spasm after a few battles and, finally, in the middle of a battle Jay simply stopped altogether and refused to move. Looking down I noticed that the red “analog” light on the controller was out. It would blink every now and then, but otherwise it appeared to be dead.

I eventually got it to work long enough to finish up what I was doing and then find a save point, but I can’t say the news is good. As far as I’m concerned I no longer have a working PS2 controller, thus making my PS2 an expensive paperweight until I can replace it… 🙁

Chapter 3 Comparison (Part 2)

And now, for the second draft image that I showed everyone:

Page 13 Draft Page 13 Final

The final version is actually quite close to the original draft. The only major difference here is that the close-up of the stuck-up provincial guard captian was changed to an over-the-shoulder shot of Silver looking down at him. This was done for two reasons: first, it reinforces the idea that Silver was up in a tree. I wanted to make sure that the reader knew where he was in relation to the other characters, and understood why they didn’t realize that he had been watching the whole time. Second, it’s just a more interesting shot.

The second panel didn’t turn out nearly as good as I had hoped; speed lines have never been my strong point. Just thought I should mention that.

Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again when we get to chapter 4 early next month!