The Sinking of the Legendia

So I’m playing Tales of Legendia, going through the character menu setting everything up for the next leg of the journey when suddenly the game exits out of the menu and Jay starts running around wildly, opening and closing the menu like a madman. “Well, that’s got to be the strangest bug I’ve seen in a long time…” Only, how would a kink in the code cause all that? I continued on as usual only to notice that the battle controls seemed a little sluggish all of a sudden and Jay had this odd desire to jump every now and then even when I wasn’t tapping up on the control pad. This was followed by another spasm after a few battles and, finally, in the middle of a battle Jay simply stopped altogether and refused to move. Looking down I noticed that the red “analog” light on the controller was out. It would blink every now and then, but otherwise it appeared to be dead.

I eventually got it to work long enough to finish up what I was doing and then find a save point, but I can’t say the news is good. As far as I’m concerned I no longer have a working PS2 controller, thus making my PS2 an expensive paperweight until I can replace it… 🙁