Chapter 3 Comparison (Part 2)

And now, for the second draft image that I showed everyone:

Page 13 Draft Page 13 Final

The final version is actually quite close to the original draft. The only major difference here is that the close-up of the stuck-up provincial guard captian was changed to an over-the-shoulder shot of Silver looking down at him. This was done for two reasons: first, it reinforces the idea that Silver was up in a tree. I wanted to make sure that the reader knew where he was in relation to the other characters, and understood why they didn’t realize that he had been watching the whole time. Second, it’s just a more interesting shot.

The second panel didn’t turn out nearly as good as I had hoped; speed lines have never been my strong point. Just thought I should mention that.

Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again when we get to chapter 4 early next month!