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Sketchbook Monday #58

Wait—today’s Monday, right? I think I’m supposed to do something today… Oh! That’s it! I’m supposed to ink a page for Swordmaster Odyssey! But it feels like I’m forgetting something else… Wait, what day am I supposed to do Sketchbook Monday? Tuesday?—No! Monday! That’s today! Well then, let’s see what I drew in the ol’ sketchbook this week.

Hmm… This isn’t much. Maybe I should just draw something now? Nah, I’m too lazy to do that. Okay, I’ll just upload this sketch here.

[Scans and uploads.]


There. A job well done! Crisis averted.

Have You Hugged Yourself Today?

Young Luke gives Asch a hug.“Get away from me, dreck! You smell funny and you can’t even walk right. Hey! Don’t hug me!”

Young Asch and Luke from Tales of the Abyss. It’s been done a thousand times before me, but seeing these two as “brothers” in their youth simply strikes me as cute. And, for once, I’m satisfied with my own coloring job. Used the same cel shading wannabe style here I’ve been using in Swordmaster Odyssey as of late. Gives me some practice if nothing else.

Line art done on 12F animation paper with a Pigma Micron art marker. Color in Photoshop.

Sketchbook Monday #57

Bah! Forgot all about Sketchbook Monday again! But yesterday was President’s Day, so I have an excuse.

sketchI wanted to draw a guy and his son, but I never got around to drawing the son. 🙁

sketchLook! I found my Prismacolor pencils! And I’m just as bad with them as I always was! Granted, it’d look better if it wasn’t so tiny. Colored pencils are already fickle enough as it is scanning them in, but if you don’t draw large enough, it just looks bad.

sketchHere’s a slightly larger version of the kid above. Guys can wear pink shirts, too! Honestly, I’m kind of partial to the smaller thumbnail version of him…

Sketchbook Monday #56

No Sketchbook Monday last week because I was sick.

sketchIt’s Xavier, the archnemesis of Glenn, both of whom have been featured in several Sketchbook Mondays.

sketchHere he is again.

sketchThe noble thief, Garret, stretching or… something. I really need to make the game these characters were designed for. They’ve been around forever, but I’ve never gotten to it. 🙁