Monthly Archives: September 2009

Fate of AetherFall

Right now AetherFall just isn’t coming together like I want. I may need to take the programming assets from this project and carry them over to another one, then return to AetherFall another time after leaving the concept to sit for awhile and “soak”, sort of like a good wine… or… something…

I’d really like to be able to get a game out by the beginning of next year, and the further I get into AetherFall, the more demanding the game is becoming, even after hacking much of the original concept down to size. I’ll talk more about it when I know something for certain.

Sketchbook Monday #71

Aetherfall is currently being put on hold while I evaluate the title. In other words, I need to take into account what’s done so far, what’s working, what’s not, and come to a conclusion on whether or not it’s worth going on or if I need to focus my efforts elsewhere. In the meantime, though, this means that Swordmaster Odyssey should return in a week or two. For now, though, here’s Sketchbook Monday.

sketchAnother attempt at coming up with a decent costume design for Iccari. Of course, in the story, he doesn’t wear the same thing from beginning to end.

sketchCostume design concept for the antagonist. I really need to finish up the second draft of this story…

sketchTalk about a blast from the past, this is a sketch based on a character I doodled way back in Sketchbook Monday #7!

sketchCostume design concept for Glenn the paladin, yet another character of mine in need of a production to call his own. 🙁