Monthly Archives: November 2008

Sketchbook Monday #48

sketchIt’s the noble thief, Garret! It’s been awhile since I’ve sketched him.

sketchIccari again, this time in a slightly different style than usual. Notice the sword on his back? He can’t lift metal! What’s that doing there?

sketchThis is Turi, a character in Iccari’s story and one of his closest friends. Looks like he’s been a little beat up. His journey is not as bright and happy as Iccari’s, it seems.

Sketchbook Monday #47

I was especially sick yesterday so today it’s another case of the Sketchbook Tuesday Blues. However, as I seem to have been extra-productive last week, I have a whopping ten sketches to share! That’s a record, mind you; twice the most we’ve ever had up to this point. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

sketchThis is Leon, from a game idea I’ll probably never get around to making. Story of my life, eh?

sketchNot a lot to see here, but I was playing around with drawing hair. The outline on his eyes are much, much too thick…

sketchI doodled this up while just messing around. I don’t know why, but I think this style is cute. I think I might use it for something one day, but likely not anytime soon.

sketchI love this kid’s expression here.

sketchAn assortment of sketches for test sprite designs.

sketchA concept sketch for the kid in My Brother without his cap (which he may or may not actually wear in the actual animation).

sketchAnd here’s the part where he misses his train! Poor kid…

sketchAnd now for an assortment of heroes and villians! We begin with Jessie—drawn in a very different style—and the egnimatic villian, Warlord Keaton. Just who or what is behind that mask?

sketchNext up is Iccari and ????. If I ever finish Iccari’s story, I’ll have to put it somewhere for everyone to see. Don’t worry, I’m working on it!

sketchFinally, there’s Glenn and his nemesis, Xavier. They were both featured in Sketchbook Monday #36 some months back.

Sketchbook Monday #46

Sorry about last week. I’m still getting back into the groove of things after all, it seems.

sketchAnother development sketch of the boy from last week. He’s coming along, I guess.

sketchAnd the EXTREME version of said character. Isn’t it awesome? And EXTREME? It’s not? Oh. Well, I tried. 🙁