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Stupidity At Its Best

So I added a function in the code that allows the player to skip scenes by tapping the Y button on the controller. I boot up the game to test this and the intro scene for the first level begins to play. My immediant reaction is “Ah man, I’ve got to sit through this scene again so I can test the button that lets me skip this scene!”


Sketchbook Monday #68

sketchAn older version of Dante from AetherFall. I may end up using a version closer to this in the final game.

sketchA bandit from the mountains of Laurooga. You encounter them throughout the early section of the game. Thankfully, they’re pretty weak and your militia and crossbowmen should little trouble dealing with them.

sketchA concept sketch for the bandit’s in-game sprite.

Head-Desk Much?

While plodding along in the production of AetherFall, I’ve been working quite a bit using the game’s internal editor to start piecing together the levels. Instead of wasting my time cobbling an overly complicated GUI together for something the player will never see, I took the easy way out. Fore example, if I’m placing a bit of scenery and want to scale it, I hold down the S key on the keyboard and scroll up on the mouse scrollwheel. In the editor, the scroll wheel does the lion’s share of everything that isn’t simple dragging and dropping.

Only, for some reason, things wouldn’t always work how I wanted them. Continuing on with the scaling example, whenever I’d scroll up it would make scenery smaller instead of larger. “Oh,” I thought to myself, “I put ++ where I wanted –.” (In the C, C++, and C# programming languages these increase and decrease a value by one increment respectively.) So I switched them around and went on my way. Still, I seemed to be making this mistake an awful lot whenever I added new features to the editor. Every time I’d hold the key to alter something, scrolling up would decrease the value while scrolling down would increase it. “Oh bother, I’ve done it again.” And so I would go to fix it each time. But even for me, I seemed to be slipping up an awful lot.

It wasn’t until today, some weeks after getting the first parts of the editor together, that I realized why I was making the same mistake over and over again. Put simply, I wasn’t making a mistake at all, at least not in the code for the editor. After skimming through the code for handling the mouse my true mistake became clear: I’d coded the game to signal scrolling up on the scrollwheel as scrolling down and vice versa. 🙁

Yay Me!

Just completed (for the most part) the scripting language for AetherFall. It’s complete with variables and if-then-else blocks and such, which should prove useful for writing the game’s events. I’ve never completed any sort of scripting engine before, so this has been a real eye-opener for me. I now both understand and appreciate programming languages a lot more because of it. XD

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I was dreading it would be, either. Granted, I still have some things to test/debug/clean-up, but the hardest part was simply working out how everything should flow.

Sketchbook Monday #67

Sketchbook Monday on a Monday. Let’s see how long this trend lasts, shall we?

sketchA member of Clan Sergio, from AetherFall. These proud warriors protect the village of Bel where the star gazer’s observatory can be found. They also claim command of much of western Laurooga, having the unyielding loyalty of the surrounding farmers, larborers, and artisans scattered throughout the area.

sketchVedette, a member of Clan Sergio, accompanies Dante throughout his journey. Although she’s generally your last line of defense in the game, she holds up fairly well for short periods of time so long as she’s not swamped by a large group of enemies all at once.

The Blog Smells Funny

Q: Is Swordmaster Odyssey dead?

Heavens no! It will probably be a few more weeks before I get back to it, though. Right now my focus is on getting the initial in-game art for AetherFall together, which is no small feat. Once I get a hold on the style I want, and get into the groove of producing it, things should lighten up quite a bit on that end.

Q: Is Sketchbook Monday dead?

No, I just keep putting it off. 🙁

Q: Is My Brother dead?

No, my brother is still alive and well unfortunately, and so is My Brother. However, there likely won’t be any work on it until next year. The project has not been canceled, just delayed in favor of AetherFall.

Q: Is Procyon dead.

Yes. As explained before, the project was axed due to major story problems, made even worse by a horde of technical problems. 🙁