Monthly Archives: April 2009

Here’s What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Sorry I haven’t been getting Swordmaster Odyssey up lately. I’m hoping to get the comic back on track in a few more weeks, so don’t fret too much. In the meantime, though, I’ve been dabbling in programming again, playing around with C# and Microsoft’s XNA.

Game prototype screenshot
This is a game prototype for a platformer-RTS hybrid I put together over the past week. Not sure if anything will come of it, or if I’ll have the time and/or gumption to continue working on it, but thus far it’s been an interesting endeavor.

Sketchbook Monday #61

I’ve negleted this for far too long. Even though we’re on hiatus right now, I’d like to at least be able to keep up this little feature.

sketchAll the sketches for today are from a game design I’ve been hashing out. This odd-looking guy here is supposed to be somewhat of a rival to you, the hero.

sketchAnd here he is from the side, a visualization of his battle sprite.

sketchThis is the good-for-nothing prince that goes out of his way to get in your way.

sketchAnd here he is ready for battle.

sketchAssorted characters; was trying to decide what style to go with.

sketchAnd of course, nothing is complete without the big bad.


I hate to announce this, but Swordmaster Odyssey will be going on an indefinite hiatus until further notice. There may be some sporatic updates here and there, but I don’t see the comic gaining any kind of stability in the near future.

Sorry everyone. :'(