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No, I’m Not Dead

I’m currently in the middle of restructuring the legal entity that is Vision Riders Entertainment. Not sure what I’ll be doing with what’s left of it in the near future, but I don’t plan to shut down entirely. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few pages of Swordmaster Odyssey or something up in a few months.

Alas, Poor Update, I Knew You Well

My rich younger brother bought a new Intuos for reasons I do not comprehend and gave me his old one. This is nice and all, but having used my tiny 6×4 Graphire. Problem is, thanks to the size change, my work flow has been completely thrown off. It’s hard to explain, but basically I can’t judge the distance between objects on screen anymore. I’ll be looking at something, but I can’t tell how far or at what angle I need to move the pen in order to undertake what I’m trying to do.

Finally, I gave up for the time being and thought “Well, maybe I can plug my Graphire back in so I can finish off today’s page?” I tried this, and all I managed to do was crash my computer. :/

Guess I’ll just have to keep practicing with the Intuos so I can get the page up next week.

An Apology

I’m so sorry! I keep promising things that I am unable to deliver on. I said I would have some Adventurer’s Guide entries up by now, but so far I haven’t even gotten around to drafting them. I’m such a horrible person! 🙁

For the past week or two I’ve been storming through the second draft of Under a Different Moon, that is, Iccari’s story. You may remember Iccari from some of the many Sketchbook Monday entries in which he has appeared. It is rare for me to keep up such an extended session of creativity and, as I near the end of the second draft, I fear it will go out again before I finish. Please understand my predicament. I still plan on getting a page up this week, but if it doesn’t happen, at least it won’t be due to my own laziness for a change.

Thank you for your understanding (or your lack thereof as the case may be). I really am sorry.

In the meantime, how about taking a minute to vote in the annual character poll? 🙂

When they say “life is unfair”, it should be followed by a rimshot.

Today is shaping up to be a horrible day, topping off an equally horrible week. Alas, I haven’t even finished today’s page! Far from it, in fact, as it sits in the corner sketched and still waiting to be inked. However, you must forgive me, for I have more important things to attend to at the moment. The toilet has just backed up, you see, and that is only the latest in a series of downers. 🙁

The Blog Smells Funny

Q: Is Swordmaster Odyssey dead?

Heavens no! It will probably be a few more weeks before I get back to it, though. Right now my focus is on getting the initial in-game art for AetherFall together, which is no small feat. Once I get a hold on the style I want, and get into the groove of producing it, things should lighten up quite a bit on that end.

Q: Is Sketchbook Monday dead?

No, I just keep putting it off. 🙁

Q: Is My Brother dead?

No, my brother is still alive and well unfortunately, and so is My Brother. However, there likely won’t be any work on it until next year. The project has not been canceled, just delayed in favor of AetherFall.

Q: Is Procyon dead.

Yes. As explained before, the project was axed due to major story problems, made even worse by a horde of technical problems. 🙁


I hate to announce this, but Swordmaster Odyssey will be going on an indefinite hiatus until further notice. There may be some sporatic updates here and there, but I don’t see the comic gaining any kind of stability in the near future.

Sorry everyone. :'(

Wherein Dale Belittles Himself

Swordmaster Odyssey has certainly been a learning experience for me. I tend to wing it when it comes to stories, starting with a general idea of where I want things to go and then coming up with the actual story as I work. SMOdyssey is lucky in this regard in that when I started, I actually knew how it was going to end. However, as time has passed and I’ve actually finished things I’ve started (or gotten close to as much), I’ve begun to rethink a lot of my writing techniques, and my shoot-from-the-hip approach is no different.

When I started inking SMOdyssey, I had a basic summary of the first seven chapters lying around somewhere (which became the first five chapters since some events were longer or shorter in practice than anticipated) and little else. I’d just storyboard about five to fifteen pages ahead and go for it. In the end, though, this has resulted in a narrative that just isn’t as tight as I wish it were. So, as of late, I’ve really started getting in the habit of doing full outlines for things. Not the scattered, disheveled notes a lot of people use, but a very clear and well-arranged summary breaking down major events and assigning them to chapters or whatnot.

To this end, today I sat down and began something I should have done two years ago: plan out the entire story, beginning middle and end. Granted, things can change as I go, but I’m tired of loose story threads getting lost in the shuffle, and the pacing not always panning out as well as it should in hindsight. Hopefully, this should prove for a better over-arching story when everything’s finished because I can stand back and see where everything should go and get a glimpse of whether or not it’ll end up reading like I want it to.

As for Sketchbook Monday, sorry about that, but I’ve missed it again. I spent all week writing a book and didn’t get around to drawing anything. I’m back to work this week, though, so there’ll be no excuses next week! (I hope.)