Monthly Archives: January 2008

Sketchbook Monday #15

sketchSome guy with a funny sword. No real story behind this one.

sketchHis hair is similar to the thief kid that’s been showing up in my sketchbook lately, but he’s not the same person. This guy is a character from a story idea that still doesn’t exist on paper–just like nearly all my other ones. 🙂

Sketchbook Monday #14

I really need to start scanning these earlier…

sketchOh look, it’s that thief kid again. He’s just showing up everywhere… Maybe it’s a sign of things to come? *hint, hint* This time he isn’t wearing his bandana.

sketchAs you can plainly see, this isn’t exactly a sketchbook sketch, but it is a sketch all the same. It was done with a ballpoint pen while I was trying to jot down some work-related mental notes. (Located on the same page is a barebones outline for the next four or five chapters of Swordmaster Odyssey.)

Do Not Panic

Pages are coming, but they’re not done yet. They were supposed to be finished yesterday, but something else came up that I had to address and they never got scanned. They’ll be a little late, since I’ve been working on them since I got up and I need a break–or just really want one, rather! XD

Don’t worry, they should still be up before noon (central time).