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It’s Official! Another Star is Coming to Steam!

Yesterday, after nearly a year on Steam Greenlight, Another Star was selected for release on the Steam storefront. The game was on Greenlight for 336 days and got a total of 1,881 “yes” votes. Sadly, only 32% of all total votes were “yes”. The game was greenlit on pure attrition; as more and more games were selected, the bar for entry was lowered ever further to the point were Another Star finally became a contender. It never reached the Top 100.

Still, a huge thank you to everyone who up-voted the game so that it would reach this point. Every one of those 1,881 votes mean something to me.

Chibi Tachi

I don’t know yet when the game will release through Steam, however everyone who already owns the game will receive a Steam key. For purchases through Desua, IndieGameStand, and the Humble Store, this process is largely automated. However, if you bought the game through FireFlower Games, make sure you keep your receipt handy. FireFlower Games does not provide Steam keys, so I will be providing them directly, and to do that, I’ll need some information from your receipt to make sure you actually bought the game. Instructions on how to do this will be supplied in time.