Monthly Archives: October 2008

Sketchbook Monday #45

Great googley moogle! It’s alive again! Heh–probably thought this would never come back, didn’t you? 🙂

sketchA cowgirl. Despite my native Texan background, I’m not into westerns and cowboys and such, but I felt like drawing this one day. I think the power was still out at the time, but this might have been after that…

sketchCharacter design for our upcoming animated project. Said project has a full, complete animatic so chances are you’ll actually get to see this one finished for a change. 😛


We have internet again, so all two of you worried about me can calm down. Hurricane Ike did some major damage to our neighborhood, but our house came through just fine. Our lawn? Not so much so. :/

SMOdyssey should resume next week if all goes as planned.