Sketchbook Monday #60

Missed last week because… I forget. Probably just because I’m lazy. Almost missed this week as well thanks to a hard drive scare. Still not sure I’m out of the danger zone on that, mind you, so it seems I’ll be backing major files up on a weekly basis until all is proven clear. Or a new hard drive is purchased. Or the old hard drive chashes and I fling it out a window at mach 4. Whichever comes first.

sketchTough guy in a suit, I say.

sketchThe doctor says that you’re not sick and you have to go to school/work today after all. Nice try, though.

sketchYeah, this kid is sort of in a bind. Not only was he abducted by aliens, but when they put him back they kept all his internal organs. He doesn’t care how he’s still alive without a heart or a brain, he just wants them back! Stupid aliens, always going around and taking other people’s body parts.

sketchAn alien. But not of any relation to the aliens mentioned just above. I still wouldn’t trust it, though.

sketchHere’s another freckle face kid. Seems I’ve drawn a few of them lately.

sketch“Where’s my story? Why isn’t it done yet?” I’m—I’m working on it as fast as I can, Iccari! I really am! 🙁

sketchAnd, just to close things out, here’s a bunch of chibis. CHIBIS! Aren’t they cute? …No? Well who asked you anyway? From left to right: Jessie, Kevin, Hayden, Iccari, Silver.