Sketchbook Monday #92

sketchThis is how my week has been.

sketchSee this dog? This dog likes to sit in the most uncomfortable places while I draw. Uncomfortable for me, that is.

sketchA self-portrait of the artist. Gotta get used to drawing myself a bit more angular. I’m not as round as I used to be. In any case, this sketch was warm-up for…

sketchA gift for my sister’s birthday. Honestly I like the sketch version better. The pen I was using didn’t work well on the glossy sleeve, as you can see. Should have gotten my good Pigma Microns out. Oh well. (A gift card goes inside the sleeve, in case you didn’t know.)

sketch“Hello. I have a square jaw. How are you?”

sketchDrawing the face in profile is always my favorite. Adding long hair makes it even more fun!

sketchIs he full of angst, or just trying to look cool?

sketchSo, apparently drawing long-haired pretty boys was a thing this week.