Sketchbook Monday #91

As you might imagine, I did a lot of sketches in the four or so years that I wasn’t doing Sketchbook Monday entries anymore. One day I might do a special entry to go back and show the highlights of what was missed, or space them out and put them at the end of normal Sketchbook Monday entries.

SketchSome random king dude, along with his regalia. It’s hard (for me, at least) to do a lot of detail work like clothing patterns and layers in sketches, not just because of how loose the line art is, but because the whole sketch tends to get smudged as I work on it.

SketchA young space pilot cadet, in gear for the first time ready for their training. Are they excited at all, or just nervous and anxious?

SketchThe cuteness! You cannot handle the cuteness!

SketchI’m not sure why, but I just really like the way this guy turned out.

SketchJust some girl, reflecting on things. Do love the way her hair turned out.

SketchSometimes I don’t bother putting clothes on people when sketching because I’m more interested in the shape and form of the human body. Other times it’s because I’m just being lazy.

SketchFelt like drawing a kid in a hoodie.