Sketchbook Monday #29

Alas, I got very little done today! I set aside the whole morning to mow the lawn (one of the perks of being my own boss: getting yard work done on “company” time ;)), but the sky took to raining–hard–all day. My schedule disrupted, I figured I could still get some light work on Procyon hammered out, but didn’t even manage that. Ended up wasting the afternoon thinking about what needed to get done and never getting around to it. After that, I thought “Oh well, I’ll just call it a day and catch up on some writing this evening.” Instead, wasted the whole evening playing video games. XD …Now I have a headache. -_-

But enough about that.

sketchSideburns are fun to draw! :3 Looks sort of like Ebenezer Scrooge, though.

sketchAnother sketch of Iccari, who was prominently featured in last week’s Sketchbook Monday. Here he looks more sane! He looks funny, though, because he’s holding his shoulders up, but you can’t really tell with that scarf or hood or whatever he’s wearing–so it looks sort of like he has no neck!