The Characters of Procyon

Awakening from cold sleep some time after the disaster that struck the Procyon Expedition, these two have found themselves stranded eleven and a half light years away from the Solar System with little hope of resuce.

The story begins with Ian, an engineer. He has survived alone on the surface of the planet for nearly a year, searching out scrap and building things in order to keep himself sane. Although he has come across countless life pods containing other members of the expedition, they had all failed during the disaster, leaving their occupants dead.

But this all changes one day when he comes across a life pod housing a young boy named Jordan. Although Ian doesn’t particularly care for the company of children, he decides to look after Jordan, if for no other reason than the company of another human being.

Are they the only ones who survived the disaster? And just how did everything go so wrong in the first place? Both of these questions demand an answer…