Procyon: First Preview

For those who haven’t heard yet, Procyon is our upcoming animated project. The first part of the series is still on track for release this summer.

This is a background from the very beginning of the story, our first glimpse from ground level of Procyon 5, the fifth planet rotating Procyon A, primary star of the Procyon system. It’s not nearly as detailed or “painterly” as I originally hoped for, but I still think it looks pretty good, especially compared to most internet animation.

As you might notice, we’re doing the series in 16×9 widescreen, because widescreen is awesome, but more importantly because that’s really what everything is moving to now days. The actual video is being done in 720p HD (1280×720) at 30fps. For low-budget animation like Procyon, the increased resolution doesn’t add as much as it would to, say, Disney or Dreamwork’s stuff, but the video is still going to be much crisper for those who download the high resolution version.

I hope to have some actual screen grabs here soon so that you can see what the characters look like against the background. (If you follow my weekly Sketchbook Monday feature, you should already know what the characters look like.)