Sketchbook Monday #28

sketchOh, look! It’s random guy #472. He’s okay, but his design is nothing special. There are some characters that I draw where my reaction is “Wow! I’ve got to use this guy somewhere!” Unfortunantly, this guy isn’t one of them. XD

sketchA very angry version of a character that I haven’t drawn in ages. Known as “Iccari”, he dates back… oh, probably to before I even started attending art school. Humanoid characters with animal qualities can trace their roots as far back as the centaurs, fauns, and gorgons of ancient mythology, but nowdays they’re mostly associated with Japanese anime and manga. I had never tried my hand at them and ended up building a narrative and mythology around a fictional world they inhabit. Since the design can be considered a cliche, I never really finished the story, but every now and again I wish that I had–and usually end up adding a little bit more to it before giving up again. 😉

sketchHere, Iccari is being toted around by a young human that has captured him. He ends up entrusting his freedom to her in hopes that she can help him reach his destination. But is this really a wise decision? …Oh, bother, thinking about the story so much, now I want to go work on it all over again! -_-

By the way, I’m still hard at work on Procyon (our upcoming animated series, for those who missed the announcement). The first “transmission” (as I’ve come to call each two-minute mini-episode) is about one-third of the way done now, I think. The story has continued to evolve even since I announced it, but I think we’re finally headed in the right direction here. I mean, if I’m going to be working on it for a few years, shouldn’t I come up with a story I like? 🙂 I think a lot of you will enjoy it as well…

I plan to share some screenshots and character designs some time this week! Just a fair warning, though: while I think that we’re coming out with some of the best quality animation produced exclusively for the web, don’t expect Disney Feature Animation quality or anything. It’s mostly just me working on it after all; and we can’t pull off Beauty and the Beast or The Iron Giant on a shoe string budget anyway. 😉