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Off-topic posts about things that just happen.

Lamenting Off Days

I hate “off days”. Days when no matter how hard you try everything you draw seems off, your heart just can’t get into it, and all you can see is the mistakes you’re making. It’s all the more annoying when you’re just a moderatly-skilled artist like me and your work is sloppy enough begin with. XD

Hopefully insperation strikes me soon, because I really want Swordmaster Odyssey to look its best when it resumes on Friday. 🙁

Monitor Woes

I ended up having to replace my 19″ CRT display (the screen was turning yellow) with an old 17″ one that I had lying around. Losing two inches may not seem like much, but… My goodness, everything is so small now! I’d take my resolution down, but Photoshop is hard to operate (for me, at least) at anything under 1280×960.

However, more importantly, this aged moniter has an awkward distortion issue. If I have a bunch of squares on the screen that are all the same size, the ones in the middle will be thinner than those on the sides. I can even drag things around the screen and watch them “magically” resize themselves!

…Yeah, this is going to be a problem. XD

I have a two moniter setup, so I may just switch them around and use this one as my secondary moniter, and the other one to do the bulk of my work in. Granted, it’s not like the other one is in that great shape, either. :/


We have internet again, so all two of you worried about me can calm down. Hurricane Ike did some major damage to our neighborhood, but our house came through just fine. Our lawn? Not so much so. :/

SMOdyssey should resume next week if all goes as planned.

Hurricane Ike

Yet another major storm is making a beeline for the Gulf coast. Just a head’s up that if the storm keeps up its current path and significantly strengthens over the week, there likely won’t be an update this Friday seeing as we’ll be busy bracing for impact–or making a run for it.


I once took great pride in the fact that, although the animation is taking forever~ I’d never missed a Swordmaster Odyssey update. Sigh…

The simple upgrade that I mentioned a couple posts or so back should have taken only an afternoon or so. Yet, in the end, it wasted a week of my life, cost me over $200 more than it should have, and took the life of an innocent hard drive. Bah…

I backed up the important stuff (namely all the stuff for the company), but at the very moment that I realized the little diodes on the bottom of the drive had snapped off, images flashed through my mind of all the stuff I had somehow managed to forget! Unless I want to pay for a hard drive recovery–or go through the trouble of hunting down the exact same make/model/date hard drive and swap out the chip boards–it’s likely gone forever, along with a bunch of other stuff that got lost in the transition. Alas! What a fate to befall me!

What’s worse is that with all that time I spent getting stuff together, there was no way for me to do last week’s page, let alone upload it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull together this week’s. I make no promises. (The irony here is that I said that last week’s update would be up without a doubt, while I didn’t see myself doing a Sketchbook Monday. Guess which one made it and which one didn’t!) 😉

Sorry for not letting everyone know sooner–it’s been a stressful couple of weeks.

I Have Met the Enemy, and Het is My Stomach

So, I was sick Friday and Saturday so… Now I’m behind. 🙁

Have no idea when the chapter 2 download pack will come out at this point, but between prolonged eons spent lying awake in bed I managed to toy around with a few ideas I’ve been wanting to test out. Not completely satisfied with the results, so I’m not sure if anything will ever become of it, but perhaps I’ll eventually show the results of my mad experiments here on the blog…