Sketchbook Monday #96

This past week I played around with a ballpoint pen a bit, which is fun because it forces me to actually sketch instead of mucking around for a half hour just trying to doodle the underlying constructing shapes. I have a tendency to do that, which usually leads to me going over a sketch multiple times as if I were inking it. I probably need to loosen up like this more often and have more fun.

SketchGranted, without an initial underlying sketch to guide me, I kind of reverted to a really cartoony style for most of these, as you can see here.

SketchMister moon face here has quite the chin-beard.

SketchOne side of the page is blurred when I scan these, because I’ve been using a hardcover sketchbook. I can’t lay the whole thing flat without physically ripping the page out. Which would, of course, defeat the purpose of having a hardcover sketchbook in the first place.

SketchEyes are fun to draw no matter the medium.

SketchI don’t know what time it is right now, but this appears to be Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from some popular television program that’s on the cable box these days.