Sketchbook Monday #95

I keep meaning to do these, but always seem to forget about them until Monday is already gone. I usually realize it around Wednesday or so. I’ll try to get back to regular updates, but as usual, no promises. In any cases, I have quite a few neat little doodles to share with you all this week! I even have a brand new scanner, so let’s see how the quality comes out, shall we?

SketchA lot of the sketches this week are going to be of this character. His name is Rafa, and he’s one of the lead characters in a science-fiction story I’d like to do. This was one of the first sketches I did to begin getting a grasp on the art style I wanted for him. I wasn’t quite as worried about his actual design at this point, so his hair isn’t anything close to what I was looking for.

SketchHere’s a later design sketch of the same Rafa character. This was the sketch where I began to feel like his look was coming together the way I wanted.

SketchNothing really to say about this one of Rafa, other than I really like how the pose came out.

SketchThis is the point where I said, “Yes! There he is! That’s him!” The art style may not be 100% there yet, but I feel I’ve nailed the general essence of his look.

SketchA design sketch for another character. This is Sanvi, a childhood friend of Rafa. Both characters begin the story as young children, not quite teenagers yet. The story stretches over many years, so by the end they will be adults. Perhaps they will even have children of their own by then?

SketchA simple test panel of Rafa. Note that it doesn’t depict any actual scene from the story. As you might now be able to guess, I’d really like the story to be a webcomic or graphic novel of some sort, but the story as laid out is really long, so I don’t think that’s feasible without committing to a decade or more of work. I suppose the options are either scale the story back, or do it as a more traditional novel.

SketchThis character isn’t connected to the story at all. Just a random young man I felt like putting to paper for whatever reason.

SketchAnd here’s a female adventurer. She seems really thin and squished because she was sandwiched between two other sketches on the page (which I have edited out).

SketchAnd finally, a young woman sitting in a window. This appears to be a rather popular pose.