Sketchbook Monday #77

This may be the last Sketchbook Monday I do. Not the last one this year, the last one period. No one really reads the blog as it is, so I might as well save my efforts for entries that are more worthwhile. Meh.

sketchA character design for a super-quick game idea. Except that nothing is super-quick with me. I could turn The Raven into War and Peace without so much breaking a sweat. And I could do it in my sleep. With both arms tied behind my back. And a blindfold. Although if I were sleeping, that’d be kind of redundant.

sketchThis is the co-pilot design. The idea of the game is that you’re piloting a drill from the Earth’s crust all the way to its molten iron core. Really, from a gameplay standpoint, you’d only need one character to personify the player, but I felt like giving the hero a co-pilot so here she is.

sketchHere they are together. They make a cute couple, don’t they?

sketchOne more of the girl.

sketchSomething I just felt like sketching; a girl in a basketball jersey.

sketchThis is what I wasted my time on all last week. This page is an excerpt from a simple sketched draft of a short story in comic form. The draft is complete, but as usual, I am doomed to never finish anything so don’t expect to ever see me work on the real thing. 🙁 There’s fourteen more pages besides this one. Ouch! It was well over what I was shooting for.