Sketchbook Monday #76

I’m not wild about this new sketchbook I’ve purchased. The paper is too dark and flimsy, and the scans are coming out very poorly (though a bit better than I expected they would, I will admit). I’ll probably try to “burn through” this paper as quickly as I possibly can. In the meantime, here’s a very, very late Sketchbook Monday.

sketchStill experimenting with the art style for Under a Different Moon. Here’s an older version of Iccari, along with ????. I’d like to serialize the story here on Vision Riders, but I’m waiting on input first. I want the story to be the best it can possibly be, despite its age and cliché-ridden plot.

sketchLook, it’s anime Iccari!

sketchHere’s a more realistic rendition that my sketchbook paper utterly ruined. This is close to the style I’d like to use, but it wouldn’t look right with my horrid skill, so I’m afraid to use it at all. Oh, how I wish I could paint! T_T