AetherFall Skirmisher

AetherFall skirmisher unit
If there’s one enemy you don’t want to have, it’s the Kingdom of Venn and their mercenary skirmishers. Lucky for you, these elite troops only fight for their allies, and it just so happens that Dante is one of them. These guys are much stronger and swifter than the simple militia units, and they can take a real beating without giving up ground to the enemy. But that power comes at a price: they’re far more expensive to call up. Skirmishers will be a solid mainstay of your forces throughout the game.

Not quite as satisfied with how this one turned out compared to the militia art. Redrew the head heaven-only-knows how many times, and it still doesn’t look right to me. The shading just isn’t as sharp either. 🙁

Inked on 12f animation paper with pigma microns and colored in Photoshop.