AetherFall Militia

Project Legion has finally gotten a proper name: AetherFall. The first bits of promotional art are also coming together, the first being the militia unit you may have seen in today’s Sketchbook Monday feature.

AetherFall militia unit
These militia are cheap to produce and don’t pack much of a punch compared to their stronger allies, but their spears allow them to attack from a distance, shielded by their tougher companions. Consisting primarily of farmers and laborers, these little guys have put everything they have on the line and are relying on you to protect their homes and villages by securing victory in the campaigns ahead. Don’t let them down!

I actually ended up doing the line art for this little dude twice. The first time I did it in pencil like the in-game graphics–but after scanning it I realized that the line quality just wasn’t consistent enough for use outside of the game (web site, print, advertising, etc). In the end, I went back to my good old Pigma Microns. They don’t “flow” as well on paper as a pencil, unfortunantly, but they do give me a solid, dependable line. Well, most of the time anyway.

Inked on 12f animation paper and colored in Photoshop.