Sketchbook Monday #36

Decided to get this through with this morning before I tore the computer apart. Today’s Sketchbook Monday consists of four characters from a game idea I may actually get around to developing. One day. Maybe.

Yeah right. XD Anywho, if you’ve seen any of my stuff prior to Vision Riders, you’ll probably recognize at least the first one.

sketchGlenn, the valiant paladin. A powerful warrior, he wanders the world fighting to protect those who need his help. He always seems to know what to do and no opponent is beyond his skill. Although a bit arrogant at times, his formost goal as a paladin is to ensure that justice is maintained throughout the land.

sketchGarret, the noble thief. Sneaky and quick, he often finds himself teaming up with Glenn as their skill sets compliment each other. While Glenn relies on overpowering his enemies, Garret outlasts them, wearing them down slowly.

sketchThe mysterious warrior that joins the others late into their main quest. He conceals himself and his movements, and his goals are not always so clear. As can be expected, he probably knows more than he’s willing to tell.

sketchXavier, the main antagonist. He rarely faces the group head-on, preferring to pull the strings in the background. But is his objective as clear as it seems?