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Assorted sketches, drawings, and paintings for your amusement.


A minion climbing a human ladder of servbots. Because banana.

A commission I did for a friend. He specifically requested the minions bossing a couple servbots around to get at a bowl of bananas. Not much to say, other than the fact I’ve never played any of the Mega Man Legends games, and I have yet to see Despicable Me 2. Also, I probably put way too much effort into that china cabinet…

Speaking of which, do you realize how hard it is to make a banana look like a banana? Neither did I!

Done completely in Photoshop CS2. Time taken: ~3-4 hours.

For information about commissioning artwork from me, just check out this page.

The Return of Let’s Draw?

Last year I did a series of Let’s Draw videos. They were kind of like Let’s Play videos, except instead of playing somebody else’s game and talking over it, I drew somebody else’s character and talked over it. Inevitably the quality of the art would suffer from trying to both draw quickly (so that the video doesn’t go on forever), and think of something interesting to say while doing it (which is much harder than I thought it would be), but it made for an interesting end product.

Originally, I settled on doing just six videos, to see how it went, but in the last video I did say I’d do six more. Of course, I never actually got around to doing them. Doh!

I might just change that, though. They were kind of fun to do, and they did generate a fair amount of hits on YouTube (as of writing this, most of them have more hits than the second trailer for Another Star), so it would make sense to continue the series.

But I’m not sure I’ll try to do them on a weekly basis again. Maybe every other week? We’ll have to see.

Ashlyn and Ryder


Just finished some new artwork for the main site redesign. These two are Ashlyn and Ryder. They’re trying out to be Vision Rider’s mascots.

Both were done completely in Photoshop. I don’t remember how long they took. I worked on them over the course of multiple days, and both have been completely redrawn multiple times.

Another Star Promotional Art

The cast of Another Star

Click here for a larger version.

Here’s some new promotional artwork for Another Star that I just finished up. These are some of the characters that you will meet in your journey. I’m trying to emulate the style of Yoshitaka Amano, although I think my colors are far too saturated.

From left-to-right: Kyne, Eva, Tachi, Rygar, and Soel.

Might end up using this for the game’s cover art, although it’s not quite what I had in mind for that.

Done completely in Photoshop CS2. Time taken: ~4-6 hours.

Let’s Draw Sonic the Hedgehog!

Wherein I do a sketch of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s lovable blue blur. I also talk about my progress on Junction, as well as another game that I’ve begun work on recently.

Sorry about the audio quality on this one. I need to hook up my good mic and stop trying to make do with this cheap little thing I’ve been using.

Comments, suggests, (constructive) criticism, and requests are welcome!

Junction Style Sheet – Serenity

Character style sheet for Travis from the game Junction

For larger version, click here.

In Junction, you are Serenity Bell. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that Serenity Bell is you? Either way, you are a photographer in the secretive government bureau, Majestic-12, and your daily job is to document the classified phenomenons known simply as “junctions”. Your son Travis has the ability to influence these reality-warping events, and there are others in Majestic-12 and beyond that will stop at nothing to wield him as nothing more than a tool, as they once did his father.

I’ve put a lot of work into this character, despite the fact the game is played from a first-person perspective and you rarely ever see her on screen. I’m still not 100% happy with the way she looks, but that’s what happens when you’re a perfectionist who can never be pleased. Her color scheme is likely to change in the near future.

Done completely in Photoshop. Time taken: ~5-8 hours.

Let’s Draw Medusa Gorgon!

Wherein I do a sketch of Medusa Gorgon, a character I know nothing about from Soul Eater. Maybe you can enlighten me.

This was a request done for a friend. Maybe if you leave a request in the comments a character you want to see will show up in a later week?

The Many Hairstyles of Serenity Bell

Character style sheet for Travis from the game Junction

For larger version, click here.

In Junction, you don’t actually see Serenity very much. The game takes place largely from a first-person perspective even though it’s a 2d game. Every now and then you might catch a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, but most of the time you’re focusing on the other characters and the world in front of you, as if through Serenity’s own eyes.

Despite this, Serenity is going to be very much front-and-center when it comes to the promotional art. For this reason (and my own innate perfectionism) I’ve put a lot of work over the past three years into getting her to look just right. Of all the characters, Serenity Bell—the one you see the least—is the one that’s been the hardest to pin down.

As I’m finalizing everyone’s looks in their new style sheets, Serenity is finally coming very close to completion. The only major hurdle I’ve left to clear, it seems, is her hair. For most of the characters I already had a clear idea of what I wanted their hair to be like before I even set a pencil to paper. Serenity on the other hand, I’ve been more fidgety about. What you see above is a collection of different hairstyles I’m considering for her. Look “A” is the one I’ve usually given to her in sketches, but she may end up with one of the others—or maybe something else entirely.

What would pick? Which ones are your favorite? Which are your least favorite?

Junction Style Sheet – Waechter

Character style sheet for Travis from the game Junction

For larger version, click here.

While you have few allies in your daily struggle to protect your son and avoid becoming a sacrificial pawn in the government’s secret bureaucracies, Professor Jacob Waechter is one of them. The chair of the physics department at Westgrove, a small college in rural Virginia that just barely manages to stay afloat, he is an expert in everything related to the phenomenons known as “junctions”. Unfortunately that doesn’t bring much prestige thanks to the government keeping all his most valuable work under wraps.

Done completely in Photoshop. Time taken: ~5-8 hours.

Junction Style Sheet – Travis

Character style sheet for Travis from the game Junction

For larger version, click here.

Travis is Adrian’s and your son. He has somewhat unique abilities related to the phenomenons known as “junctions” and their impending arrival causes electronics and other mechanical and electronic devices to often fail in his presence, a condition commonly misunderstood and labeled as “street light interference”, or SLI. There are those who want to take him away from you to use his abilities for their own purposes, so be sure to protect him no matter what.

These take a long time to make. I like to do research to make sure the character’s outfits and proportions are at least believable, and I also spend a lot of time tweaking everything to make sure it matches and looks right to me.

Done completely in Photoshop. Time taken: ~6-9 hours.