More Mock-Ups

Don’t have a full dev log entry today, but I did do a couple additional mock-ups this week. Menu screens tend to be difficult to figure out, so I figured it best to go ahead and do some test layouts to figure out what all needs to be displayed, and how best to present it.

First up is the inventory screen. I wanted to actually show what items look like this time, instead of making do with simply displaying the items’ names.

Inventory mock-up for Another Star 2.

Next is the character status screen. As you can see, I really wanted to make the character themselves stand out instead of just stuffing the screen with text. You might also notice that it toys with the idea of characters having innate elemental weaknesses and strengths just like enemies traditionally do, perhaps forcing the player to take that into account when composing their party for a dungeon. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit the character’s equipment and magic growth on the status screen like in the first game because of this, but I suppose that’s what the equipment screen et al are for.

Character status screen mock-up for Another Star 2.