Sketchbook Monday #97

Happy Monday Tuesday to you! Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the United States, you see. Since I was visiting with family and friends, Sketchbook Monday was delayed until today. It’s just like old times here on the blog!

Anyhow, let’s take a peek into my sketchbook and see what I doodled this past week.


A sticker with an American flag that reads "I voted".I voted in the Kentucky primary race last week, and they gave me this sticker. After running errands and returning home, I did what any other rational human being would do with a sticker. I peeled it off my shirt and put it in my sketchbook.

SketchInitial design sketch for the marine commander in the science-fiction story I’ve been showing other characters from lately. Didn’t really capture what I was looking for at all, though. He also looks too young here. He’s supposed to be in his 40s (or else the story’s timeline doesn’t work).

SketchI suppose if you took a chipmunk and genetically crossed it with some dude in middle management, this is what the result would look like.