Sketchbook Monday #89

And here’s something I haven’t done in… (checks archives)… four years. It’s Sketchbook Monday! Yeah, I’m bringing it back! We’ll see how long it lasts. Now, if I really wanted it to be accurate, I would have waited until Tuesday to post it. Just like in the good old days.

sketchDrawn while listing to the Attack on Titan soundtrack. Because determination.

sketchCharacter concept for the military leader in a story idea where humanity tries to return and repopulate Earth after a devastating scenario which left them wanderers in space. The angle is a bit skewed because of the fact I’m taking pictures with my phone’s camera instead of properly scanning them.

sketchPretty sure this is medically accurate.

sketchDespite the fact I don’t like watching sports all that much, for some reason I really like sports uniforms. They pop up in my sketchbook quite a bit.

sketchPresented without comment.


sketchNo story. Just some chieftain of some sort.

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